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Get a personalized health plan, Based on your Genetic Profile

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Your genetics holds the blueprint for how your body responds to the world around it. Take away the guesswork, and let us help you discover the best diet plan for a healthy body. takes pride

in positively influencing people's lifestyle.

What Do We Do?

Perhaps you're a "protein seeker," maybe eggs are your "hero food," or might be spinach. This is the type of personalized nutrition information or genetic analysis that tells you what you should do to lose weight - based on your DNA.

Genescope has been providing personalized nutritional plans based on DNA for several years. As a leading genetic nutritionist in Pune, we can see firsthand the benefits it provides to patients. It's especially useful for patients who have found themselves stuck in their weight-loss efforts. Having a genetic insight into the type of diet that works best for them often increases both compliance and sustainability.

The more you know about your genes, the more you understand yourself from within and the status of your health to make proactive and informed health decisions.

Get a personalized plan on:

  • What type of exercise is best for my body?

  • What foods does my body thrive on?

  • Should I do higher protein?

  • How many carbs can I eat?

  • Why is my skin breaking out all the time?

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"The root cause of many lifestyle health problems lies in your genes, and so does the solution. We identify the root cause and provide sustainable solutions for improving overall Quality of your Life."




"The root cause of many lifestyle health problems lies in your genes, and so does the solution. We identify the root cause and provide sustainable solutions for improving overall Quality of your Life."

What sets GeneScope apart?

We Identify root cause to achieve sustainable health outcomes

New age
digital platform

Personalised nutrition
and fitness program

Leading player in
Nutrigenomics, India

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accredited laboratory

Whom do we serve


At GeneScope, we provide genomic testing services to individuals looking for a diet plan that meets their personal nutritional and health needs and helps prevent nutrition-related chronic diseases.


 Individuals who are health-conscious


Hospitals & doctors

Fitness/sports center

Direct to consumer

Individuals suffering from lifestyle diseases


Direct to business

Channel/digital partners


Clubs & societies


Sportsperson and fitness enthusiastic



Pharmaceuticals & labs


How genomic profiling helps you achieve your wellness goals

Genomic profiling helps us understand the parameters that affect the way our genes work. Since many of these changes are influenced by the current lifestyle and environmental factors, they are preventable, manageable, and sometimes even reversible. Based on the outcome of the genomic profile test, we create a personalized lifestyle management program to help and support you in achieving the right balance between the five essential lifestyle areas.

Health Shake

Health - Metabolism

Achieve sustainable health outcomes through right diet / nutrition / supplements / exercises as per your unique genetic profile  

Workout with Skipping Rope

Fitness - Performance

Achieve optimum level of fitness / boost sports performance through right diet / nutrition / supplements / exercises as per your unique genetic profile

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Reduce stress / fatigue / sleep imbalance / boost overall energy levels through right diet / nutrition / supplements / exercises as per your unique genetic profile  

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Improve / Boost immunity / reduce cell inflammation through right diet / nutrition / supplements / exercises  as per your unique genetic profile


Precision medicine

Precise and personalized medication for diseases / disorder like

• Infertility 
• Psychiatry

• Cancer
• Diabetes

• Cardiovascular

How genomic profile works?

Knowing your genetic blueprint can empower you to make the best choices to optimize your genetic expression. Genescope has a well-defined process and steps involved in transforming genomic data from user samples into knowledge-based usable solutions that we call "The Genescope Value Chain."

Sampling - Etracting, cleansing, and transporting DNA from samples

Quality Control - It is an extensive set of procedure that ensures the samples are of good quality.

Sequencing - This is a step where we work out the sequence of the DNA and get understanding about the genetic makeup.


Analysis - Analyzing whether the sequence of nucleotides reveals any variation when compared to other standard reference library

Interpretation -Translating of analyzed information into knowledgeable insights

Usage - Creating personalized geneomic report diet, nutrition, and exercise plan.

Advantages of Genomic Profiling

The occurrence and progression of diseases are strongly associated with a combination of genetic, lifestyle and environmental factors. Throughout your life, the environment, your lifestyle, stress, infections, aging etc... is impacting your body (genes) leading to Unfavorable Gene Expression. 

Additionally Genotype variations increase, or decrease, body's susceptibility for various health conditions, physical fitness and mental wellness impacting "Quality of Life". through genomic profiling can help trigger Favorable Gene Expression through personalized changes in diet, nutrition, exercise and medication aligned to your genomic profile

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What Some of Our Customers Say

Pune Based IT Professional

"Since diabetes runs in my family, it has always been a matter of great concern for me.  Genetic testing helped me to understand my body weaknesses and strengths and take better control of my health and address the issues I was concerned about. Since then I am more confident about my health, less worried and happy." 

Health Genomics Panel

"The Weight Loss test I took was to understand how my genes affected my weight. I learned about the genes that make you regain weight and understand why it was difficult for me to lose weight. The dietician assigned to me explained about my genes and gave me a diet plan suiting my lifestyle and it has worked wonders for me!"

Pune based house-wife

Slim Genomics Panel

Mumbai based Business Man

As a fitness enthusiast without any apparent health issues, I still felt that I was not exploiting my potential to the fullest. As a businessman it is really hard for me to set a schedule for regular things in life. Through GeneScope's Health genomics panel I understood the health risks & issues to watch out for and create a roadmap for lasting health & fitness."

Health and Fitness Panel


Genetic Profiling 
Multiple Sclerosis

Rupali - Marathon runner

Genetic Profiling
Sport Performance

Our Proud Clients and Channel Partners

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